Founded in 2002, Capelcon was formed from the basis of a carpentry business, with the director, Phil Watson having undertaken his carpentry apprenticeship through the Army Apprenticeship Scheme.  This highly respected and comprehensive apprenticeship training provided not just an excellent knowledge of all construction trades, but also a profound understanding of solid geometry.  It is this depth of understanding that we believe allows us to excel with unusual and sometimes difficult projects.

Capelcon started out building small, custom design homes and renovations.  As our reputation grew, so too did the size of the projects undertaken, moving on to larger, more complex Architect designed homes.  With repeat work from several Architects, we have been able to confine our work to the Mornington Peninsula area, covering several highly desirable locations such as Portsea, Sorrento,  Mt Martha, Flinders, Shoreham and Somers.  In recent years we have focused on more complex, unique designs.  We pride ourselves on limiting the number of projects we undertake at any time to ensure we maintain ‘hands on’ control of all aspects of the building process and therefore giving each of our clients the individual, personalised attention that this level of home deserves.

Over the years, Capelcon has received several Awards for its work.  These awards include ‘Most innovative use of steel’, ‘Best custom built home $500k – $1mil’ and Best custom built home >$2 mil.   Capelcon was also extremely proud to be recognised by the Master Builders Association of Victoria, winning the prestigious award of ‘Master Builder Of The Year’ for 2016. We take great pride in every home we build and are pleased to be acknowledged for the great work we do.  We are also extremely proud of the exceptional client relationships we maintain during the building process, and these relationships often continue once the building process has ended.

Capelcon can design and build your home, tender to your Architect to build your home or renovate your existing home.  We deal with varying sized projects with varied budgets, and we always end up with a quality home that our clients are extremely happy with.

Capelcon:  A design focussed building company.