Design and Build

It is surprising how many homes and renovations are designed, then don’t proceed to the building stage due to the construction costs not being considered early enough.  Many thousands of dollars can be wasted on designs that do not go ahead, or need to be comprehensively redesigned in order to meet a clients’ budget.

At Capelcon, with our Design and Build Service, we estimate the cost of the project at every stage of the design development so that clients can be confident their budget is being considered at all times.

Capelcon offers two options within our Design and Build Service.

Architect Design and Build

At Capelcon we believe that the quality of the design is as important as the quality of the construction.  The design of a home is very difficult and expensive to alter once it is complete.  It is for this reason we recommend engaging an Architect to design your home.  We have found that it is Architects who possess the necessary skills and knowledge, through training and support, to consistently produce designs of the quality demanded by today’s astute homeowner.

Many people are cautious of using an Architect to design their home, worried that the cost of the designed project may exceed their budget.  Others are concerned that the time taken to design, coupled with a tender process to select a builder, may be excessive.

Our Architect Design and Build service is designed to simplify the process and provide a level of certainty.  The client will receive the benefits of having an Architect design their home whilst having the confidence that with the involvement of Capelcon the project will proceed to the construction phase as quickly as possible and without budget blowouts.

With this service, we initially work with the client to select one of our consultant Architects.  We will then work with this Architect to ensure that the project meets the clients brief, both in design and budget.  This combination of the design flair of an Architect along with the knowledge and capabilities of Capelcon as the builder, results in the most cost effective method of achieving the desired result.

We also offer this service with an Architect selected directly by the client.

Draftsperson Design and Build

This is similar in concept to the Architect Design and Build Service above except an Architectural Draftsperson is engaged instead of an Architect.  This service is suited to people who have a well formed idea of the design they want for their new home and therefore do not require the services, and the associated cost, of engaging an Architect.

Capelcon will transform your ideas into a design for your dream home, whilst considering issues such as your particular site, your lifestyle, energy efficiency, statutory requirements and your budget.  We will then have a draftsperson draw up formal plans ready for approval and construction.

Whilst we believe using an Architect provides great benefits, we have and will continue to achieve excellent results with this service.

Architect Tendering

Capelcon has, and continues to, tender to Architects for projects that have already been designed and documented.  The tendering process generally involves 2-3 Builders submitting a quote (tender) for the building works as documented by the Architect.  The Architect, along with the Owner, will then appoint the successful Builder.  Whilst cost is generally a major consideration in this process, Capelcon firmly believes that other factors such as experience, depth of knowledge and customer service are also very important factors and Owners should always look at the ‘whole package’ when entrusting a Builder with their home.  We pride ourselves in rating very highly in all of these areas.

We have undertaken a vast array of projects through this tendering process and the fact that we have received repeat work from both Architects and Clients is a testament to our performance in this regard.

If you would like any further information regarding any of these services, please contact us